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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 21, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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thinks it's a speak-ing wall. this can even dim your lights. your 3-d--printed girlfriend will love that. real mature. there you go. a laser drone for cats. i wish i had lasers. i don't. pew pew pew... the new radioshack is finally here. the store of your past is now the store of your future. come see one of our remodeled stores and save 50 percent off skullcandy headphones. or get a 20-dollar gift card with air raid speaker purchase. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good thursday morning at 5:00, thanks for joining us. we welcome drew this morning and we will look at the weather forecast. >> good morning. we are tracking a warmer day on the way. live doppler 7 hd shows the bay area is empty handed and no moisture now or the next 24 hours. we are in the upper 50's to low
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60's. 60 in san francisco. 59 in san mateo. concord is 60. usually morning clouds and sunshine in the afternoon the seasonal spread. 64 and 85. this evening is dry with a few clouds and temperatures falling into the 60's and mid-50's. leyla gulen? >> in san jose, you can see the traffic is moving away from highway 17 northbound and southbound traffic is not existent. the amount passion has -- the altamont pass has delays leaving 205. you will see the traffic loosening up. 80 westbound from albany to the maze is five minutes, southbound, from fremont to san jose is 50 minutes and 101 to cupertino is ten minutes. >> fire investigators are
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looking into the cause of a massive place in oakland that burned two buildings and forced dozens to make their escape. katie marzullo? a woman who lives in an apartment said it sounded like an explosion or car crash. she is one of 34 forced from their home this morning by fire. no one was hurt. look at the mass i flames. and smoke. it brock out before 11 o'clock last night. it started outside behind one of two, two story buildings mixed use buildings, businesses on the bottom and. pas on the second floor. the first crews called for additional resources immediately. it was a four-alarm fire and then three alarms after a downgrade. the fire was under control after 1:00 o'clock a.m. but now there is one fire crew still on the
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scene and one lane is closed between miller and 24th. president obama refuses to stop united states military strikes in iraq after the beheading of american journalist james foley. pope francis may call the family today. we are in washington, dc, with the latest on that story. good morning, $100 million is how much ransom isis wanted from the united states for foley according to a report in the in the "new york times" and now a new barrage of airstrikes target ing isis after a video showing the execution of james foley. president obama called out by name in the video by executioner demanding an end to airstrikes in iraq instead bowed pursuit.
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>> he was taken in an act of violence that shocks the world. we will be vigilant and relentless. when people harm americans anywhere we do what is necessary to see justice is done. >> despite the grief, his parents spoke graciously from their home in new hampshire. their home in new hampshire. >> the last words were >> we pray jim's death can bring our country together if a stronger way. >> the president has many openings to topple isis include funneling more weapons to iraqis and kurds and send special forces but he could take the fight to syria by launching airstrikes for the first time on isis targets. the white house revealed a secret rescue mission to save foley and other americans inside syria failed this summer.
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in the video, isis threatened to kill another person hostage if the airstrikes continue. the missouri state highway patrol can't says last night was good in ferguson with peaceful demonstrators filling the streets. there were only six arrests compared to 47 on tuesday with smaller and more orderly clouds. the captain said there were a few minor incidents. the grand jury is reviewing evidence in the death of an un armed teen, michael group. it could take months to decide if darren wilson, the white officer, will face charges. >> 25 will graduate from a san jose law enforcement academy but are not police officers. instead, they will be helping keep officers on the street by handling nonemergency calls.
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>> the police department is looking for more officers to filled ranks as many have left the past few years in record numbers. today, 25 people will graduate from the community service officer program. after today they have a three week field training program pairing up with a sworn officer which are lower priority cars like noninjury traffic, vehicle theft, vandalism and other nonemergency circumstances. san jose police say this. allow swap officers to focus on responding to high priority emergency calls for service and have more time for proactive enforcement as the department suffers from low morale and low staffing. the city council failed to put a sales tax initiative on the ball lat that would put more money into public safety although both protestals had a lot of reports from residents and appeared likely to pass.
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the graduation of officers is scheduled for 2:00 today in san jose. police are releasing surveillance video hoping someone will help solve what officers calling the worst and brutal murders they have seen. we are not going to show you the bit of it. police say two men tried to problem a store on friday night and one suspect got angry and shot a 62-year-old woman and then shot the clerk and another woman before both suspects beat the victims with their guns. the first woman was killed. the second is in critical condition. the clerk is recovering from his injuries. police are asking witnesses or anyone who might recognize the suspect to come forward. >> investigators could release more cames of why a man jumped to his death from an overpass on interstate 880 in hayward. he hit the interstate and was hit by a big rig early yesterday
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morning. police are investigating this as a crime not a suicide. a neighbor told abc that the victim was seen walking with a woman and someone in a car pulled a gun on them. the woman ran and the man could fought because of a disability and likely thought jumping was the only option. >> commuters face getting a new car after theirs was destroyed by a fire at the lafayette bart station. investigators believe the fire started under the hood of a lexus before spreading to four other cars in a parking lot at the bart station yesterday. at least three of the vehicles appear to be total losses. no one was hurt. it took fire crews ten minutes to put out the fire. cars can burn quickly because of flammable fuel and plastics now the weather forecast. drew is here for mike. >> we have a warmer day on the way and quiet morning. live doppler 7 hd shows nothing
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but cloud cover along the coast. taking you outside the exploritorium camera, a beautiful shot of the bay bridge and you notice that cloud cover is low along the coast and they will see that burn off as the sun tries in an hour and a half. san francisco coming in at 60 and oakland 63 and san jose in the low 60's and gilroy is at 59 and half moon bay is at 59, as well. the day planner has coastal cloud cover and everyone in the 60's by noon and clearing skies loan the coast and sunshine and everyone sees sun by the afternoon and 80's inland and 70's in the bay and 60's along the coast and clouds come back along the coast later this evening with temperatures falling into low into the low 60 's. >> good morning, drew. in the north bay we have a look at 101 southbound with tail lights purring to 580 and traffic is running smooth.
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no construction. month accidents. we do have construction when you get out of the waldo to the golden gate bridge in the northbound direction. there were attenuators pulling up the cones away great marin. we have a project that will last until 6:00 this morning and eastbound 580 from mcarthur to 980 watch for that and slow for the cone don't and remark cone zone. no problem at the bay bridge. a hack attack could have put the financial information of thousands of people in jeopardy in america's money report. >> little league pitching star mo'ne davis is short against a powerful challenger and the teammates will not let it get to them. >> outside, we have a beautiful shot of the bay bridge with the
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clouds above the island with more weather and traffic. >> the new abc7 news now. we look at the golden gate bridge and bay bridge bay bridge and we will keep weather and traffic up throughout the traffic up throughout the entirely
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>> covering san rafael, south bay, mosten -- and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> police are investigating
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smash-and-grab car burglaries at two starbucks location in hercules. the first happened in the parking lot on tuesday morning on willow avenue. a similar burglary was recorded in the parking lot of a starbucks on san pablo avenue. both cases the victims went inside to get coffee and returned to find their car weapons broken. the same smash and grab was reported at san pablo starbucks last in. >> in southern california a couple used a stolen device to snap a romantic selfie. this picture was found uploaded to her storage cloud account and appears days after the home was burglarized. the sheriff do not know if the couple broke into the home. they may have bought the stolen phone or tablet and someone my have given them a hot gadget as a different. >> upis -- u.p.s. is warning about a credit card breach.
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>> the tooth fairy is getting cheap. u.p.s. is saying credit and debit information could have been exposed by a computer virus but they are not aware of fraud. bank of america will announce they will pay a record fine of $17 billion to settle charges they sold faulty mortgage backed securities $7 billion going to consumers in modified home loans and refinance mortgages. >> hostess is close the original twinkie factory in illinois where they have been baked for 84 years. they blame the drop in demand. workers have been working overtime. >> tooth fairy is leaving an average of $3.40, which is 30 cents less than a year ago an 8 percent decreets. that is america's money.
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>> now is a great time to pick up an iphone with wal-mart announcing drastic price cuts on last year's iphone and will sell the 5c for 97 cents and is for $79 slashed from $199. you have to get a two year wireless contract anticipating apple will release the iphone 6 next month reportedly thinner and a bigger screen. >> california drought is making moan more expensive. the lack of rain is killing flowers that provide nectar so causing a drop in honey production. this year's crop in california will be worse than the last two years. though are raising prices and watch the profit shrink. some honey producers are thinking moving out-of-state where the water is more prevalent. >> las vegas is the team to beat
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at the little league world series. the nevada team representing the west faces the darling of the tournament, mo'ne davis, the starting pitcher for philadelphia. the las vegas were ahead first inning and a triple to left center, and davis gave up two more runs in the second and a two run homer was crushed and las vegas beat philadelphia 8-1, advancing to the championship and today philadelphia plays elimination game against chicago at 4:30 on espn. we may have to duke it out. i worked in philadelphia and i am federal mo'ne davis and her team but you are probably going with chicago. >> chicago is an untold story, a great team, playing very well and i have no horse or dog in the fight. >> puppy.
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cat. squirrel? >> too usually for a metaphor. >> good morning. >> drew is new to viewers but he will be familiar to you in no time at all because of the socks >> i will try to show them off throughout the morning and this morning we are showing off the forms on the coast and warmer temperatures moving inland with live doppler 7 hd showing it is quiet around the bay area and we will show cloud cover along the coast. current temperatures are 59 at half moon bay and vine in san mateo and 63 in oakland and 61 in mountain vie and 59 in antioch. the bay bridge is in the foreground and the background has low-lying cloud cover so the forecast today shows a warning coastal cloud and fog overlaying the region along the bay and warmer temperatures this afternoon as the sun is up and a
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seasonal pattern is in effect for the weekend. the buses are in action and at the bus stop, 62, take off the jacket by the afternoon with a lot of sunshine and 80 by 3:30. we have low pressure that is pushing east and bringing the wind off the land burning off the cloud cover. highs are 83 in san jose and 62 in santa clara and 76 in san mateo and 68 in downtown san francisco and 64 in daly city and to the north, 63 bodega bay and 81 for napa and the east bay. 77 in union city and 72 for berkeley and inland we will see the warmup more noticeable at 85 in pleasanton and 86 in pittsburg and 88 in antioch. we are tracking a warm-up inland
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and 88 for the high around inland location and 80 along the bay and 64 for the coast. by the weekend we are back into the seasonal range at 90 by next tuesday inland. good morning, drew. 41 bart trains if you do taught want to dry this morning. ace train one and three are all on time and as we look at the bay bridge you may notice a couple of big rigs to right hand side and one has the flashers on and though are maybe having trouble and possibly a stall as you start to approach the toll plaza but the rest of the toll plaza shows traffic is funneling in nicely. we have an accident in san jose northbound along 101 a two-car crash and two lanes are blocked at great america parkway and you can see slowing building approaching it but the rest of the drive is moving along fine at 64 miles per hour away from the 280 and 680 split and
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there was a massive fire in oakland that ripped through two building at 23rd and international boulevard. it took hours to get the flames from the four alarm fire under control. >> five commuters returned to fine their cars damaged by fire at lafayette bart station. three cars appear to be totaled. investigators believe it started in the engine of a parked lexus. >> we have learned that one american worker who contracted ebola will head home. dr. brantley will speak in atlanta at a news conference at 8:00 this morning our time. they talk about the improving condition of his co-worker, nea. >> president obama refused to stop united states military strikes in iraq after the beheeding -- beheading
5:25 am
american journalist foley after asking for $100 million ransom. >> the giants will play a double header. on tuesday, the game against the cubs will resume at wrigley field after major league baseball surprisingly upheld the giants' protest of the tarp snafu. it will be a suspended game at 2:00 this afternoon fold by the finale at 5:05. >> temperatures are mild. that will set the stage for a warm are day heed. the seven-day forecast is ahead. we have trouble with two bay area airports. this accident is near great america parkway in san jose. we have a brand new accident at sfo. that is ahead. customers in florida starbucks are taking "pay it forward" to a new level. yesterday morning, a woman paid
5:26 am
for the order of the person behind her and that started a chain reaction by the time it was over more than 300 consecutive customers paid the bill for the opinion behind them in line. it is not the first time people at that starbucks were in a giving mood. the previous record was 141 customers paying for someone else. >> keeping squirrels away from the bird feeder got easier because of creative thing of a couple in utah, covering the polls that the squirrel climbed with vaseline. they try over and over and over again to climb only to slide back down. the creature finally gave up. the couple says the maul amount of vaseline is nontoxic and the squirrel gets plenty to eat from two other feeders and vegetable garden. >> they are laughing. >> yes. what a great work out. money the -- burn the calories.
5:27 am
>> you want your squirrels to be in the best possible shape. >> coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including details of robin williams' final resting place before we go do break, check this out. >> the golden gate bridge has mist in the air. this is traffic and weather we will show you during the break and back with more news and and back with more news and weather and
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. our new meteorologist thoughts he was getting too much sleep is why he got up early and joined us.
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>> you ever get too much sleep? >> ha! live doppler 7 hd shows we are clear along the coast with low-lying cloud cover and current temperatures right now are upper 50's to 60's and currently 60 in san francisco and vine at half moon bay and 58 in santa rosa and 57 for san ramon. cloud cover along the coast and much sees sunshine by the afternoon and the spread is mid-60's at the coast and mid-80's inland. now, traffic with leyla gulen. >> headed over to sfo there is an accident and a brand new crash blocking one lane and the car is sideways and a couple of injuries including a driver is trapped. this is at sfo so make your travels to the airport and travels to the airport and expect delays.
5:31 am
and san mateo bridge is clear. we have an citizen at great perk parkway northbound highway 101 with one lane blocked. it looks like it is getting cleared on the shoulder. there is a raging fire in oakland that scorched two buildings. katie marzullo is in the newsroom. >> still one fire crew on the scene and one lane of international boulevard is closed so if you are headed that way, new video shows the aftermath, burned out apartments and a burned out kitchen and so much destruction. look at the flames, international boulevard it appears to have started outside behind one of two, two story buildings that burned. the buildings are mixed use and
5:32 am
businesses on the bottom and programs on the second floor. a woman did not know what she was hearing but it souped bad. was hearing but it souped bad. >> we thought it was a boom. it sound like a car crash. in front. he jumped. >> she is one of 34 people forced from their homes by the fire and the red cross is helping anyone who needs it. firefighters got the fire under control after 1:00 o'clock. the cause is being investigated. this morning, firefighters thing they know what start add fire in the parking lot of the lafayette bart station. when it was over, five cars were damned and enough the cars there? >> four of them.
5:33 am
they are proposed off. what a mess. investigators are trying to figure out why this happen and looking to a potential leak in a fuel line starting under the hood of a lexus. the fire department got the call year afternoon and they got the fire out quickly. a rough end to the day for the five drivers. others were feeling lucky they dodged the flames. >> that was crazy. parking lots fill up quickly and that is 30-second difference whether the car is on fire. >> it happened in vehicles that overheat and people are not aware of the hot engine when they turn it off. this is enough heat in the engine to start a fire. >> no one was hurt. firefighters do not expect arson
5:34 am
and just looks like bad luck and now a happenful of people who need to go car shopping. >> president obama says the united states will strike against targets in iraq after the beheading of american journalist. his isis captors warn they will kill more american hostages if the military continues to attack the insurgents. he expressed outrage at the murder yesterday. the white house revealed that united states troops launched a rescue mission to free foley and other hostages this summer but they were not at the location that intelligence sources indicated. authorities say last night was a good night in ferguson with peaceful democrat varieties marching. officials say crowds were smaller and more orderly and only six people were arrested compared to 47 open tuesday united. a grand jury began to review evidence in the shooting death of unarmed team michael brown
5:35 am
yesterday and it could take months before they decide if the officer will face criminal charges for shooting him. a source tells abc that wilson suffered a serious facial injury in an altercation that took place moments before the shooting. >> new detail of the final resting place for robin williams, with several media outlets reporting the ashes were scattered in san francisco bay. tmz is reporting that his official death certificate shows he was cremated august 12 a day after he died and the ashes were to be scattered off the marin county coast. the 63-year-old committed suicide inside his home open monday last week and the coroner is still waiting for the toxicology tests to determine if drugs or chemicals were in the system. no word on a public memorial. >> today, the aunt of a toddler killed in a hit-and-run accident in san francisco will be arraigned on child endangerment.
5:36 am
loyresha gage per hut 2-year-old niece in danger on friday. she walked mi'yana gregory across mission street between 4th and 5th against the signal. loyresha gage left the girl in the street and walked back to the sidewalk to get her nephew and a car hit mi'yana gregory. the mother of mi'yana gregory says she doesn't blame her sister and wants her released from jail immediately saying she may a mistake and the investigation should be focused on the person would was driving the car. happening today the first americans stricken with ebola be released from the hospital today. dr. brantly will speak with reporters if atlanta at 8:00 this morning pacific time. the hospital is expected to issue an update on the status of nancy writebol who is dramatically improving. both received an experimental drug treatment after falling ihl
5:37 am
working in liberia. >> and potential ebola case in northern california after returning to california after traveling to west after a the patient is considered low risk and tested at kaiser permanente. doctors expects to get results of the blood samples from centers for disease control in three days. it is taking measures to protect staff and visitors meteorologist mike nicco is off but we have drew joining us with a look at the weather forecast. we have a warm are day on the way and live doppler 7 hd shows quiet around the region and coastal cloud cover we will show you the cloud cover along the coast at 1,000' or 2,000
5:38 am
feet. oakland is 63. san jose is 60. gilroy is 58. half moon bay is upper 50's at 59. plan your day. everyone this morning starting out mild in the 60's by noon and clearing skies along with sunshine inland and warming to the mid-70's and by 4:00 everyone is seeing sunshine in the mid-80's and upper 70's in the bay and mid-60's along the coast and summertime pattern with clouds coming back in and democrats are falling and overnight lows in the upper 50's to mid-60's. leyla gulen? >> we have another serious crash and this is due to possible oil in the roadway in los gatos foreign 280 we have a car that ended up swerving and they flipped. we have several vehicles that stopped to help with injuries involved and what turned out to be quiet morning is not so much. justifying to 101 we are seeing delays and backup as you
5:39 am
approach great america highway northbound 101 and hopping over to sfo another crash with the car sideways in the lanes and southbound 101 at sfo so we are looking at a few accidents. be careful. slow down. kristen and eric? >> the 49ers field the dreams has an unexpected problem, the trouble that forced the 49ers to cut short their practice. >> a special honor if jeremy lin and how he is immortalized. >> we have more weather and traffic and a way to keep you updated. >> we are watching weather and traffic throughout the entire commercial break so you won't commercial break so you won't miss a
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>> covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, this ised backup at the bay bridge toll plaza with fast track getting through and the high occupancy vehicle lane, the car pool, getting through. we will find out why the pay lanes will back up with leyla gulen in a couple of minutes. >> the body of a man found in kings canyon national park is
5:43 am
identified as 46-year-old gregory muck who was recorded missing sunday when he failed to return from a week long trip. officials at park say he fell in rocky can steep terrain. the elementary school teacher was expensed backpacker and was to start the second year of teaching next week. >> another missing hiker is underway this morning. 55-year-old knoll son -- knoll son -- nelson was reported missing when he did not return from the continue day backpacking trip. he was shoring part of the national forest he has never hiked. >> jim harbaugh cut the final public practice at levi stadium short because of problems with the new field. divets tripped the players and came up during practice. the sod is designed to hold up
5:44 am
so several torn up patches have been relisted. the team has a plan to have the field ready for televised game against the san diego championers. >> tuesday united, the giants against the cubs resume at wrigley after the giant roast was upheld because of a tarp snafu. the league determined the cubs' inability to deploy the tarp was caused by a mechanical malfunction the first protest upheld in major league baseball in 28 years. the feel was drenched in 15 minutes halting play after 4 1/2 innings. the delay ensued over four hours until the umpires called the game giving the game to the cubs but now it will resume today. the regularly scheduled series ending is at 5:05. >> >> this morning, lakers pardon and palo alto native will become
5:45 am
a tourist attraction in san a tourist attraction in san francisco with major will be at the warm museum he will make $15 million this year. >> palo alto is a nice neighborhood. >> nice neighborhood. >> both nice neighborhoods. >> good for him. >> how is the weather in your neighborhood? mike is checking it out. >> not much of an has good visibility. live doppler 7 hd shows you that we are not tracking any moisture and only the clouds along the immediate coastline and we will look at current temperatures which are typical former at 59 at half moon bay and oakland is 63 and 63 in hayward and 61 in mountain view and 60 in concord
5:46 am
and 57 in san r to the east we have cloud cover is low along the coast and we expect the cloud cover to burn off quickly later today. forecast features notice that morning coastal cloud and fog and otherwise warmer afternoon temperatures are tracking a sonnal pattern. we are tracking an area of low pressure pushing to the east so pressure pushing to the east so we will need a shine in the day. highs away the region are 84 for morgan morgan hill and 82 for santa clara, and 81 for palo alto. 88 downtown san francisco. to the forth we have the wide range of temperatures, 60's along the coast and 80 in sonoma
5:47 am
and 81 in napa and the east bay has mid-70's and 74 for oakland and 77 for union city and inland and 86 for pittsburg and 89 in brentwood and 84 for san ramon. lows will bottom out under clouds along the coast and clouds inhappened. it is warm inland and a dip to friday by two degrees. back into the summer help time pattern and seasonal and plenty of sunshine and little change for the seven-day outlook. we have several problems. big ones. this is a car that flipped when it hit oil northbound 280 closer to los altos. there other cars trying to help this person but we have c.h.p.
5:48 am
on the scene and it is active. traffic is light. we do not have delays. in san jose, northbound highway 101 at great america parkway we are down to five miles per hour at the san jose airport because of a car now facing the wrong way and seven or eight other vehicles are involved. as we jump over to sfo we are starting to see delays southbound 101 at the airport and a car is facing side ways blocking a lane with delays near sfo. normally they say what happens in las vegas stays in vacation but not this time a photo showing a kind gesture by a mechanic trending online. an american airlines mechanic is equipping an amputee war veteran with his legislate. he twisted his face while waiting for the flight in las
5:49 am
vegas. he could not pop the art official joint if place on his own because the special wrench was in the checked luggage. a mechanic was able to fine the right tool and made the adjustment for him. >> at 6:00, problems plaguing california vote by mail problem and some voters' ballots are never counted. >> w. refuses to take the ice bucket challenge because it is not presidential. wait until you see would has the last laugh about the cool recession. >> a new way to keep you updated the new abc7 news now. weather and traffic is up for weather and traffic is up for you throughout the entire
5:50 am
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5:52 am
israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu promises to move forward with military onlies in the goes strip until hamas stop firing rockets after talks aimed at ending the conflict ending. palestinian officials say 20 people have been killed since peace talks broke down. hamas claims the dead which you three of their senior military leaders and the military leader is wanting international airlines against flying into israel. >> demonstrators hung a large pro palestinian flag from manhattan bridge spanning the east river while the anti protest was on the brooklyn break after two large plagues appeared in place of american flags above the brooklyn bridge.
5:53 am
toss -- t.s.a. fores will highlight thousands of you its love behind at check points. each week, ipads and jewelry and colleaguing and cell phones and computers are last behind. if you have lost an item at screening or baggage check points call the lost and found before filing a chairman. we have posted the information at sfo, oakland and mineta san jose airport at you saw "jaws," and russias are the top predator in the ocean, right? now always. a four foot shark was swallowed in one gulp by a grouper which usually have a thick strong body
5:54 am
with a large mouth capable of swallowing fly. the shark was on the line of a fisherman. >> grouper was taking advantage. >> he was. true. >> good morning, everyone, live doppler 7 hd shows all is quiet with cloud cover along the immediate coastline. everyone starts out in the 60's. clouds along the coast. by anyone we have clearing skies and more sunshine and everyone sees sun and by 4:00 we are in the mid-80's inland and mid-60's along the coast. by the evening, we have clouds, behalfing along the coast with temperatures falling into the upper 50's and low 60's. in san jose we have the ongoing problem that started as a crash as great america parkway and now we have seven or eight vehicles involved so we are trying to figure out if this is one and
5:55 am
the same. your speeds are at five miles per hour and near the san jose airport but as you pull away from the 280 and 680 extension you are on the breaks before you reach the nimitz. at 12 yes we have delays building where the car hit a patch oil and flipped. now we have lanes blocked. towards sfo the crash at southbound 101 at sfo overcross ing. considering a big wedding? it could be a sign of a better marriage. a new study shows the link between a big formal wedding and future happiness. couples with. thatter networks of families can friends have more help getting through challenges and the fewer relationships before tying the knot the more likely you are to be happy after. >> former president george w.
5:56 am
bush said accepting the ice bucket challenge wasn't presidential and he was challenged by several including his daughter. in the end it wasn't up to him to decide. >> i do not thing it is presidential for me to be splashed with ice water so i will write you a check. >> ouch! >> that check is for me i didn't want to ruin my hair style. >> the final decision was made by the wife, follow first lead laura bush stepped in to take care of business to the delight of many after it was over, former president bush challenged former president clinton to step up to the challenging saying yesterday was his birthday, my gift is a bucket of cold water. >> they staged that. >> you think? >> yeah. yeah. >> now hillary clinton can dump the ice bucket all over bill. >> that is how it workings.
5:57 am
>> new data from oakland and it looks nothing like the city where they do business. the response from pandora. >> what is the difference between low salt and low sodium? seven-day outlook sleeps the difference. >> a new way did keep you in the know everything you need to know know everything you need to know stays on through the commercial
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. at 6:00, breaking news from the east bay a devastating fire leaves three dozen people without a home. you will see how tough a job it was for firefighters to get the place uncontrol. >> help from san jose's understaffed police force. a group of employees hitting the streets that will help the department fight crime. a new development on the
6:00 am
american doctor stricken with ebola. he is well enough to leave the hospital and speak to reporters. that is good news. do we have good news? good morning, guys, we do have good news we are tracking, patches of patchy fog and nothing widespread and warmer afternoon on tap, coming up empty handed around the bay area. i 60 in san francisco and 59 in napa and 61 in concord and 58 now in antioch. cloud loan the coast and everyone is in the sun this afternoon. mid-80's inland and 60's loop the -- along the coast. >> we have a rough start to the morning and the toll


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